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Is it important that my roofing contractor being fully insured?

It is imperative that anyone working on your property, be it a roofing contractor or a general contractor be fully insured to protect you, the home owner from liability. For example, a contractor is working on your house, his helper falls off a ladder and injures his back causing paralysis. The contractor not carrying insurance can not assist his worker with his medical bills and so lawyers become involved. The lawyers, realizing you carry home owners insurance go after your insurance to pay for the workers medical and living expenses and because he was injured on your property you become the liable party. Plain and simple, contractors not carrying insurance and workers compensation are making you the responsible party. In addition to medical issues, consider the ramifications of hiring a contractor not carrying a general liability policy. While working on your roof a sudden storm hits and with your roof open to the elements you get serious water damage. Without the insurance to cover the problem it may fall back on you to correct what was damaged at no fault to you. Protect yourself no matter who is working on your property, assure they are insured and ask for a certificate of insurance to prove it. Any reputable contractor will be able to provide this document to you.

What is a Certificate of Insurance?

A Certificate of Insurance is a document issued by the companies insurance agent or company that first proves the company carries insurance, the types of insurance that it carries and the limits of coverage for the types of insurance that it has, such as General Liability and Workers Compensation.

How can I stop snow from sliding off my metal roof?

Metal roofs are wonderful in that they shed the snow easily but sometimes this can be a nuisance and can even cause hazardous situations. If you find that snow is falling on your porch you just shoveled or landing where you would normally park your vehicle snow guards are an excellent means to protect you and your property from falling snow and ice.

Does Hutchins Roofing Co. charge for estimates?

Generally speaking, Hutchins Roofing Co. does not charge for an estimate. There are times where we will ask for a fee to be paid, especially in the instance of insurance claims and when you are looking for an inspection of your roof and the likelihood of a job resulting in us sending our Estimator/Inspector to the property is low. In this case if you do decide to use us to do a roof for you the fee will be deducted from the cost of your roof.

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