History of Hutchins Roofing Company

Hutchins Roofing was founded in 1946 by Lloyd D. Hutchins, Sr. The company began catering to the roofing needs of Vermont and New York. Lloyd would work on roofing jobs all day, carry a change of clothes with him and become the leading sales associate at night, going door to door offering his services. Hutchins Roofing Co. was more than roofing offering insulation and siding as well. Lloyd knew that what was important to the consumer was a reputable company that was proud of it's workmanship, honest with it's customer and willing to stand behind the work that had been done, values that still thrive in the company today.

The company, led today by one of Lloyd's sons, Lloyd D. Hutchins, Jr. much has changed. The company no longer offers insulation or siding services. As with all businesses time goes on and changes occur. It was felt that we should concentrate on roofing and to that end insulation and siding was dropped from our services offered. In 2007 comes an addition to our services in fabrication of architectural sheet metal with a state of the art shop built to provide contractors and "Do It Yourself" homeowners with quality metal roofing materials. From complete pans to edge metal we are able to provide most anyone with what they need when they need it. With increases in technology the staff is not nearly as large but the professionalism, honesty and pride in it's work prevails. Lloyd's philosophy is one of care for the consumer and attention to detail. No matter the size of the roof, he expects his staff to provide the same level of workmanship on every job from the small stoop roof to the major copper roofs done on some of the finest homes in Vermont.

Lloyd, Jr. is up front with perspective customers, explaining that you will most certainly find other companies with lower prices, but not very many that have been around for the number of years as Hutchins Roofing, an important factor when you consider that your roof will last upward of fifty years and it would be great to know the company that put it on will out last the roof.